Professional experience
Axila Advertising, 67 av. Broustin, 1080 Brussels
Layout-woman and graphic designer
PVP International, 34 Square Vergotte, 1040 Brussels
Graphic designer and final artwork
Freelance at Grey as a graphic designer
Design Board, 50 av. G. Lecointe, 1180 Brussels
Packaging designer, editing and photo retouching
Co-management of Standon sprl graphic services company.
Freelance in agency : Design Board, Spike Communication
Macintosh CC Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, PitStop), suite MS Office…
Advertising Execution of advertising material (layouts, definitive documents, Certified PDF).
Perfect knowledge of the graphic chain and printing techniques.
Excellent level in retouching and photomontage Photoshop.
Packaging Packaging designer.
Run final documents,
Mock-up, shape cutting…
Various 2 children
Driving licence B
Pro-active and timely
Loves his family and his work
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